The participation at the Portfolio Match of the Triennial of Photography in 2018 in Hamburg marked a turning point in my artwork. Up to that date I had been somehow painting along, never really satisfied with what I produced.  

Since then I have been working relentlessly and with ever more enthusiasm with photography. I liked the speed with which one can work, the many possibilities a combination of painting and technique offers. All I had learnt about composition appeared clearly in front of the camera and seemed more easy to catch. Printing on different papers offered numerous possibilities. 

I began exploring the tension between mind space and real space, to understand how these two spaces interact when we look at a photograph, a screen or go into nature. And is there such a thing as real space? 

Rooms and spaces, especially in nature, have become one of my favorite subjects, how do we behave when we go into nature and how much do we see and develop awareness of nature’s rooms. There are many rooms and homes to different animals in nature, and they are all interconnected. 

In my landscape photographs I try to shed a light on this topic and show how much nature, a vast common room in which we move, is home to us.  

And then there is Time. Often while walking into the vast space of a solitary landscape, we have the illusion of escaping Time. But in a landscape Time is omnipresent, we are confronted with ongoing processes whose end we will never experience: We belong to time and nature. 

There are many disturbing aspects in natural spaces, which I describe in my photographs, where landscapes become mind spaces and roads lead to far horizons, beyond which our minds are free to imagine. Wood fringes are places of transition, ponds and meadows home to an ever self renewing cycle of life and death. 

Here on my website you will find but some of my works. Use the contact window to learn more.

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Recent Exhibitions

July 2022

Art Karlsruhe 2022. Gallery Visulex, Halle 2, Stand N01

June 2021

http://www.fresheyes.com GUP Magazine, 100 Emerging Photographers of Europe

July 2019

Gallery Melby 11, Kivik, Sweden

November 2019

Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

February/May 2019

Deutsche Bank Berlin, Ernst Reuter Platz, Germany

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