At the Museum

She looked puzzled
What Is This About
She Did Not Like The Picture 2
She Did Not Like The Picture 1
In The Distance a Church
Oh Well…
Listen to the Silence
All The World’s Roads

Limited Edition of 5.

Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

Print Size 110 x 83 cm / Paper Size 114 x 87 cm  or  Print Size 70 x 50 cm / Paper Size 80 x 60 cm

Each print includes a certificate of authenticity and is signed and numbered.

For prices and additional sizes and paper options, please contact here.

„At the Museum“ deals with stepping into fictive museum spaces, how people respond to artworks and an old topic: The picture in the picture.

In the Series „At the Museum“ I combine different rooms, inside and outside, and explore how these rooms influence the mind space of people. People step into rooms at a museum, stroll around and are confronted with new languages, new places and rooms, they step into new dimensions to forget their own and this causes a change in the viewers mind. 

First I take pictures of rooms at a museum, then I destroy these pictures, change the perspective. Or I build small models of rooms and take pictures of them. I take photographs of people at the museum and bring them into my own rooms, where I have inserted my pictures.

Some people at the museum wander around and display curiosity, others have their arms crossed in front of their chests and express doubt and diffidence. To step into new rooms, into a new mind space means also to start an adventure. 

Some rooms seem to be a stage, on which people tread reluctantly or which they leave hastily. Perhaps they fear that on this stage they could be assigned a new role.

The Series „At the Museum“ tells of the adventures of the visitors of the fictive museum, but also becomes an adventure for the viewer of the pictures in the pictures, who perhaps asks himself where the main stage might be.

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