Mirrors and Crossings

Road to Badgingarra I
There Was a Boat on the Shore
Soon the Boats Would Be Coming in
The Red Chair
They Had Gone For a Walk
The Leaves were bright Green

Limited Edition of 5.

Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

Print Size 110 x 83 cm / Paper Size 114 x 87 cm  or  Print Size 70 x 50 cm / Paper Size 80 x 60 cm

Each print includes a certificate of authenticity and is signed and numbered.

For prices and additional sizes and paper options, please contact here.

A mirror, although it inverses the image, enables us to see behind us, to do something our own eyes cannot do. In many stories it can do magic, in “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” Harry meets his long dead parents in the looking-glass, in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the bad stepmother finds the answer to her question in the looking-glass: It can show the future and people who are far away and their doings: It gives power.

In “Mirrors and Crossings” solitary figures are reflected, shadowy and mysterious openings lurk in the background, strong colors sit alongside with black and white photographs, empty roads seem to lead to a crossroads, where the figures might meet no other than themselves.

In this series everything is reflection, light comes from hidden sources, horizons are not always strait but tilt perilously to one side. The figures are wanderers who wander aimlessly and seem to be lost, they are absorbed in their thoughts and in the contemplation of the landscape.

The abandoned boats suggest that somebody has arrived and went his way, but the boats could also take us on to long imaginary journeys. The chairs are empty or tilted, those who occupied them have left and are wandering away.

Space and landscape switch from one perspective to the other, people wander as on a bewildering stage, but seem not to be troubled by the many perspectives. They are still and temporary passers-by in a world where space and transition are the only constancies.

The photographer wants to focus on our perception of landscape, and how we see it through a photograph. She adds another mirror to the process and merges the results.

The pictures tell stories about transformation and transition, about nature and crossing frontiers.

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